Every request, every event, every festival is unique. Like every moment we live in – unique and irreplaceable. My main concern is to respond to your very special and individual needs and wishes. Because there is a lot of heart in everything I do.
Be it a business dinner, a family celebration, a candlelight dinner or simply a cosy evening with good friends – look over the shoulder of the Chef of the cuisine and be guest and host in one person.

My service:
Apart from fixed menus, we can design a menu with several courses according to your wishes and calculate its price. According to your price expectations I buy fresh and organic products from the market and bring them to your home. According to your schedule, I cook the menu with love and am happy to provide you with further tips and tricks. Finally, the kitchen is cleaned by me. Additional wishes like dishes, decoration or the use of service staff will be clarified in advance.

My services include:

– Menu discussion in advance 
– Definition of the courses
– Price calculation
– Selection of products
– Purchase of fresh and organic products
– Preparing the food in your kitchen
– Cleaning the kitchen
– On request: decoration, extra dishes, service staff


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